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About us

VegaNin is a brand of organic and vegan products. She started from two newly vegan friends who no longer knew how to eat and had no options on which products to use in their daily lives since animal fats are found in all products used in everyday life. They had made the choice to become adopting the vegan diet and lifestyle; This meant that they had to start from scratch, starting from the bathroom (with toothpaste, shower gels or soaps, etc.), going through the kitchen, without forgetting household products. Everything had to be redone.

We have discovered that one can live while using alternative products and are very satisfied with the result. Respect for the environment, respect for life, the living conditions of all beings are the things that are important to us. The vegan diet and lifestyle allows us to contribute to the fight for better living conditions for animals.

Marketing vegan products allows us to make sure that we use products that suit us and that meet the requirements that we have set ourselves, and also to offer the possibility to people who consciously want to consume to easily find alternative products including they need without needing to change their habits and give them the benefit of our advice.